Fiber ISP

ITO has incorporated its own fiber optic, VPLS, MPLS and a custom-built, world-class Data Centre providing service covering all locations in Iraq. Recognizing the need for high quality, hassle-free, reliable internet services, ITO invested in a multitude of high quality infrastructures. These innovative solutions, along with the complete package of services ITO offers corporations, offices and other users, has made us the leader in our field.

Advantages of Fiber ISP

  • Extremely High Bandwidth: No other cable-based data transmission medium offers the bandwidth that fiber does. The volume of data that fiber optic cables transmit per unit time is far great than copper cables.

  • Longer Distance: in fiber optic transmission, optical cables are capable of providing low power loss, which enables signals can be transmitted to a longer distance than copper cables.

  • Resistance to Electromagnetic Interference: in practical cable deployment, it’s inevitable to meet environments like power substations, heating, ventilating and other industrial sources of interference. However, fiber has a very low rate of bit error (10 EXP-13), as a result of fiber being so resistant to electromagnetic interference. Fiber optic transmission is virtually noise free.

  • Low Security Risk: the growth of the fiber optic communication market is mainly driven by increasing awareness about data security concerns and use of the alternative raw material. Data or signals are transmitted via light in fiber optic transmission. Therefore there is no way to detect the data being transmitted by "listening in" to the electromagnetic energy "leaking" through the cable, which ensures the absolute security of information.

  • Small Size: fiber optic cable has a very small diameter. For instance, the cable diameter of a single OM3 multimode fiber is about 2mm, which is smaller than that of coaxial copper cable. Small size saves more space in fiber optic transmission.

ITO offers a wide variety of services to best meet your needs.

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