VSAT Communications

ITO is a global provider of VSAT communications services. We provide VOIP (SIP and IAX service), Video, and data delivery to world wide via our Euro based teleport with triple fiber backbone redundancy.

Our European based earth stations provides coverage from America (120 degree West) to the Asia / Pacific region (125 degree East)

ITO provides fast turnaround for US military, NATO, NGO, government and commercial operations and provisioning of links in less than 24 hours in extreme environments.

We provide Ku, C and X band equipment and bandwidth for over two thirds 2/3 of the worlds population and a majority of the under developed areas with poor communications infrastructure. Star and meshed networks with TDMA or FDMA service are available.

Our sales and support staff stands ready to assist you in the design, procurement, installation, commissioning and operations of VSAT solutions for your operations in hard to access locations providing you with 24/7 in field support to insure your operational communications requirements.

In field installation and support is available as well as O&M operations.

Eutelsat W6, 21.5 degree E, Ku-Band

Intelsat 12, 45 degree E, Ku-Band, South Africa Beam

Intelsat 12, Europe Beam

Badr-4, 26 degree E, Ku-Band

Yamal 200, 49 degree E, C-Band

ABS-1, 75 degree E, A-Beam, C-Band

ABS-1, 75 degree E, B-Beam, C-Band

Intelsat 805, 304.5 degree E, C-Band