ITO Global (ITO) started in 1983 in San Jose, California and quickly became the vendor of choice for many high tech companies emerging in the booming market place. With the advent of fiber and large co location facilities, ITO became the chosen provider to design and build out large scale IP centric facilities such as co-location and Telecom switching centers. ITO soon became involved in power quality consulting and design work to provide an electrical infrastructure for solid state microchip manufacturing and wafer fabrication facilities. ITO designed and built the first WiFi metropolitan network in San Jose California in 1990 which is still in use today. Our solid growth saw expansion into the North West United States along with the growth of microchip fabrication plants quickly expanding to keep up with the demand for new high technology items. ITO became involved with design and integration on an international level with banking automation in Thailand which lead to the conversion of 350 banks to automated passbook and checking at the counter at a national level for the first time in that country.

With the advent of political turmoil and terrorism on a global scale, the US and coalition military saw itself with a need for new tools that required intensive communications and IT support and a need for new levels of video, voice and data connectivity down range. The desire to extend the information network to the front lines and the foot soldier saw ITO grow internationally to provide the communications and IT resources required for the new military and the many contractors which the military requires for the various support services. Working in hazardous environments required a great deal of security needs which ITO fulfills with the use of electronic systems to provide an early warning and more robust protection than the human eye. Additionally, industry demands the same business timeliness in information technology and security to compete in a hostile environment and compete on the world stage.

Today, ITO has in field support staff on four continents in some of the most adverse environments and trouble spots around the world. Our field technical staff provides 24/7 operations down range.

ITO provides communications and data gathering and processing solutions integrating products from various technical arenas to provide the most up-to-date, appropriate, and cost effective resolutions to its client's challenges. ITO closely evaluates its client's existing systems, assesses their current and future needs and delivers solutions to those that serve.