A quarter century of technology and communication service

ITO Global (ITO) is a global provider of leading edge technology and communications solutions.

As a premier provider of Information Technology, communications and security services for 25 years in the U.S., ITO Global (ITO) provides leading edge Communications Technology, Consulting and Security services to government and commercial customers in high risk, high threat areas and war zones.

Our unique blend of business, technical knowledge and cross cultural staff affords ITO the opportunity to offer a full spectrum of services that respond to the technology centric business challenges its client's face on a daily basis.

ITO takes an integrated and synergistic approach to solving the most complex technological problems its client's encounter. ITO brings together products from various technical arenas to provide the most up-to-date, appropriate, and cost effective resolutions to its client's IT challenges. ITO closely evaluates its client's existing communication systems, assesses their current and future needs while staying abreast of evolving high technology products.

Turn-key operations

ITO provides highly interoperable communications and security solutions. Each solution includes a variety of engineering, project management, integration and operations and maintenance (O&M) services tailored to the needs of specific agencies and applications; Designed to extend that agency's existing investments in technology and processes.

Robust solutions

ITO builds its solutions around solid technologies from a carefully selected group of industry market leaders. ITO is vendor neutral and works with the clients needs and objectives to deliver solutions based design and implementation.


ITO Global excels in field support. ITO offers field personnel spanning the globe to seamlessly support military, government, and commercial telecommunications and security requirements. Our expert team of technicians will support your communications requirements globally, under the most demanding environmental or geopolitical conditions.

Our team - your success

You can trust our team of highly skilled engineers and project managers to seamlessly design, install, integrate, manage and operate your satellite and terrestrial networks for communications and security. Installation and ongoing operations in over 8 countries Installation and O&M technical support teams on the ground throughout Southwest Asia and Africa.